Mastering Auto Layout

Adam Shaw, Kabuki Vision

With an ever increasing number of device screen sizes and orientations, using Auto Layout in your apps in more important than ever. While the basics are easy to learn, things can get complicated rather quickly in real world use. This session is designed to go beyond the basics, and bring you to the “next level” of practical understanding of Auto Layout.

Topics we’ll cover include:

• The layout process
• Best strategies for defining constraints
• Common pitfalls and how to resolve them
• Using Interface Builder vs code
• Advanced scenarios (animation, scroll views, multi-line labels, etc).

Adam ShawAdam is a veteran developer who has been making apps since the launch of the App Store in 2008. An Apple nerd through and through, he believes that building great iOS apps is pretty much the most awesome job in the world, and he strives to pass this enthusiasm on to others. His company Kabuki Vision has released a number of noteworthy apps over the years such as NoteMaster and Dressed.


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