Methods for Managing Myriad Modes: Multipeer Connectivity

Tim Nugent, University of Tasmania

This talk focuses on the framework for multipeer connectivity, MultipeerConnectivity, a system designed to allow for easy and rapid network connectivity without needing to worry about how and what networking technology is used.

In this talk we’ll go from a blank iOS application to having a fully fledged, albeit dull, multiplayer game, featuring, peer identification, peer connection, server functionality and finally the transmission of game data back and forth.

Tim NugentTim Nugent pretends to be a mobile app developer, game designer, PhD student and now he even pretends to be an author (he co-wrote the latest update to “Learning Cocoa with Objective-C” for O’Reilly). When he isn’t busy avoiding being found out as a fraud, he spends most of his time designing and creating little apps and games he won’t let anyone see. Tim spent a disproportionately long time writing this tiny little bio, most of which was trying to stick a witty sci-fi reference in, before he simply gave up.


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