Jimmy Ti, Queensland University of Technology

Most of us architect our iOS and Mac applications using the MVC paradigm. MVC serves us well but it has some problems, namely “Massive View Controller”, awkward placement for network logic, and poor view testability.

This talk aims to introduce the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) paradigm, advantages of this paradigm, and how to adopt MVVM for iOS development.

Jimmy TiJimmy is a Ph.D student at QUT, his research investigates how to apply mobile services to enhance social interactions in public urban environments such as public transport.

Being a passionate iOS developer, Jimmy strives to instil thoughtful design and great user experience into every application he develops.

Learning and growing through AUC’s nurture, Jimmy, together with Zac and Tony, founded Eat More Pixels – a company that focuses on creating useful, beautiful and playful apps that make our lives easier and fun.


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