Improve Your Apps With the Power of SCIENCE!

James White, Curtin University of Technology

Is my game too hard? Does my app have the right defaults? Do I have too much onboarding? What are the best in-app purchases? Should that button be on the left or right?

SCIENCE can help you answer these questions and more. Find out how to:

  • set up a quick and easy backend and custom analytics system to collect exactly the data and feedback you need to answer your burning questions
  • recruit volunteers to test your app and use SNEAKINESS to change the things you’d like to test
  • use the power of SCIENCE to explore how people use your app, and how your development and design decisions can change the way your app is experienced by users

In today’s cut-throat marketplace, your app or game needs every advantage it can get. This session, presented by a man who’s half developer, half designer, and half scientist (yes, that’s right) might just give your app the winning edge.

James WhiteJames is a designeloper from Perth (although, secretly, he’s a kiwi). Four years ago, after fifteen years of graphic design, he Googled “How do you make an app?”, started attending AUC events, and the rest is history.

James is currently completing a PhD in which he is developing and evaluating a nutrition-focussed app. This year he received an Apple student scholarship to attend WWDC.


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