The App Store Doesn’t Owe You Anything

Peter Wells, Reckoner

Every few days a prominent blogger or developer bemoans the ‘race to the bottom’ in the App Store, and how increasingly rare it is for developers to make money. Well suck it up. The App Store doesn’t owe you a living anymore than iTunes owes indie musicians or podcasters a living. But there are things you can do to be noticed, to break through the App Store noise and get your App on the front page of devices.

Peter WellsThis presentation is from the other side of the App Store. I’m not a developer, I’m a reviewer and customer – I’ve spent over two grand on the damn store. I’ve been sent more App Store press releases than I care to admit, and can tell you then ones that work, and the ones that suck.

Over the last few years I’ve interviewed leading developers including Marco Arment, Loren Brichter, and Karl Von Randow, as well as industry commentators John Gruber and Horace Dediu. I’ve absorbed ideas from people much smarter than me. I was MC at the One More Thing Conference for three years, and chaired a panel on Making money in the App Store at Swipe Conference 2012. I was editor of MacTalk Australia, and currently edit and podcast¬†


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