The Design and Engineering Process for an Indie iOS Game

Paris Buttfield-Addison, University of Tasmania

This session will summarise and present the design and engineering process that we use to build small iOS games – both for ourselves, and for clients. It will talk through concepting, design, software architecture, and implementation.

This session won’t cover in-depth coding, but will discuss architecture and design of small-medium iOS games that are built using native iOS technologies such as SpriteKit and SceneKit.

Attendees will come away with an action plan for developing their own games in this manner, suggested starting points, and useful further resources. This talk is not a case study of a specific game, but rather the collected thoughts of our past 6 years of iOS game development.

(This session is co-presented with Jon Manning).

Paris and Jon are the co-founders of Secret Lab. They are authors for O’Reilly Media, having recently written ‘Learning Cocoa with Objective-C Fourth Edition’ (co-written with Tim Nugent) and the ‘iOS Game Development Cookbook First Edition’. Their next book, ‘Swift Development with Cocoa’ (also with Tim) will be out very soon.

Paris recently finished his PhD at the University of Tasmania, and Jon will be completing around the end of the year. Secret Lab can be found online at


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