Charming The Snake – Python and IPython for System Administration

Tony Williams, Computers NowPart of XW15

System administration often encompasses repetitive tasks that formerly we used to write a shell script for. With the development of modern scripting languages why settle for writing bash scripts?

This workshop will give you a grounding in Python, shows you the interactive IPython and the benefits of a modern language, including improved language flexibility, debugging and third party libraries. It will cover topics such as gathering system information, reading and writing plist preference files, searching an Active Directory server and gathering reports from a Casper JAMF Software Server.

Tony is currently an integration engineer at CompNow where he is responsible for the design, installation and support of a disparate range of systems, mostly Macs and iPads. With over thirty years in the industry he has had a myriad of roles including C programmer, Unix system administrator, IT Manager, support specialist and Associate Editor of Australian Macworld.

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