iBeacons – The Coolest Apple Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

Paul Cowan, University of WaikatoPart of XW15

The iBeacon specification is Apple’s official Bluetooth 4.0LE implementation for providing location based services and notifications to apps and web services on iOS and OS X. There are some interesting potential classroom and teaching applications for this technology, most of which we’ve only just begun to explore. In this presentation Paul Cowan, the Innovation & Technology Team Manager from the University of Waikato, will explain the underlying architecture of iBeacons, and then take you through some interesting examples and experiments designed to explore how they might best be used.

Paul CowanPaul is an Educational Technology expert and IT Team Manager for the University of Waikato, working for the Faculty of Education where he supervises the technology team. His role in the Faculty obliges him to innovate with consumer and IT technologies with a view to discovering their applications in education and teaching. His current primary focus is in the fields of podcasting, eBooks, mobile devices and collaborative learning spaces.

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  1. Hello Paul, I would like to get some more info on the applications and other iBeacon devices you demoed at the JNUC 2015. I came to you around lunch day on the final day of the JNUC. I was completely blown away by your fascinating talk.


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