Architecting with a Difference

Carol Mak & Deline Neo, ThoughtWorks & Tyro PaymentsPart of DW16

Modern Test-Driven Development and Continuous Delivery practices mean tests need to run all the time. Test execution time is key to everyday productivity.

Testing in iOS has always been challenging with the ever-changing platform, screen sizes and even language, bounded by the limitations of the SDK and the lack of reliable testing tools.

In this session Carol and Deline are going to describe how the team at Tyro achieved testability through app architecture, and eventually reduced test time from 30+min to under 10 min. They are going to share a few useful techniques and tools that can be applied to refactoring any iOS applications.

Over the past few years, Carol has developed 40+ iOS & Android applications across retail, government, banking, news media, telcos, real estate and other small businesses. As a consultant at ThoughtWorks, her work focuses on providing mobile capability and developing best practices in mobile delivery. Recently she has been working on several projects in Swift, the language which is her new favourite. She also has vast interest in the direction of React Native, which is very different to all cross-platform tools that she’s experienced.

Deline is a Software Engineer at Tyro Payments. Originally a Java developer working on systems in insurance, payments and banking, she has spent the last few years working on iOS and as a tech lead for a team building Tyro’s first mobile application.