Automate Your Life with Fastlane

Adam Shaw, Kabuki VisionPart of DW16

This talk is a whirlwind tour of Fastlane, a suite of tools for automating the most tedious developer tasks. We spend too much of our developer time on dreary tasks like setting up iTunes Connect, dealing with provisioning profiles, generating screenshots, etc. Fastlane lets us quickly accomplish all these things (and much more!) at the push of a button. In this session I’ll take an app project and demonstrate the steps of automating everything from start to App Store.

Adam has been developing apps since the launch of the App Store in 2008. An Apple nerd through and through, he believes that building great iOS apps is pretty much the most awesome job in the world, and strives to pass this enthusiasm on to others. His company Kabuki Vision has released a number of noteworthy apps over the years such as NoteMaster and Dressed.