Building Apps like Lego. A Practical Guide for iOS Developers and Designers

Tom Brodhurst-Hill, BareFeetWarePart of DW16

Designers prototype. Developers try to mimic the prototype but miss many of the design edge cases. Everything is built twice. We waste time and effort. This presentation will show you how designers can build visual components in Xcode with no coding and developers can add smarts and custom behaviours. The resulting “Lego blocks” can be used to assemble an app, for prototyping, testing or production.

Tom is the new iOS architect for upcoming apps by Optus, Virgin Mobile and others. Tom was the lead iOS developer for the tablet app for CommBank and is now working closely with the CommBank design team to build native Xcode components for designers and developer to assemble into apps. He runs weekly workshops teaching designers how to build apps in Xcode without coding and developers how to build smart view components like Lego blocks, which can slot together to make apps.