Great Apps Take Time

Phill FarrugiaPart of DW16

In the present day, mobile applications have become a fast growing industry. Any man and his dog can sit down with a MacBook, and a latte to create the next big hit idea. Which is an exciting, powerful and interesting prospect. With the rise in popularity of apps, software engineers and their businesses have placed a lot of emphasis on streamlining the time and effort required to build apps – through approaches such as Agile, Scrum and Kanban that prioritise shipping something over shipping nothing.

This talk will cover some of the ways these approaches to building software have strayed from the path, and may have littered the App Store with a bit of junk. It will inspire developers to re-explore the old approach of taking ones time to finish an app. To cross the I’s and dot the T’s, to spend the time to sand the edges thoroughly and craft fully so as to be truly proud of something before releasing.

Because while releasing something can be better than nothing, releasing something you’re proud of feels a lot nicer than releasing something that’s rushed.

Phill is a young and passionate software developer currently living in Sydney. He loves writing Swift and uses too many Xcode plugins than can be considered normal. He takes photos, writes about things and converts keystrokes into questionably useful software.