Josh Deprez, Google AustraliaPart of DW16

What is HyperCard? What is a Stack, and what is HyperTalk? What’s an XCMD and how is it different from an XFCN? Who are you and why are you still on my lawn? #getoffmylawn

Long before /dev/world, Twitter, or Pokémon Go was even a thing, on a sepia-toned evening in the year 2000, Josh arrived home to discover a well-preserved Macintosh Plus. After a number of misspent years and several regrettable trades, today he has a Macintosh Classic with half as much RAM and a dare to have it understand Twitter.

Josh is a Site Reliability Engineer at Google Australia. He has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Tasmania. He can’t seem to keep away from /dev/world.