Keep Calm and Pew Pew Pew!

Esther, HivintPart of DW16

Since the birth of the iOS operating system, more than 500 games have been launched for the iOS platform – everyday! Imagine this, smart phone and tablet devices play such a key role in our life these days that we cannot imagine a life without our mobile phone devices. The advancement in technology over the years has enabled us to walk around with walking, portable “computers” holding vast amounts of information. Security on these devices is PARAMOUNT and that includes the games that entertain us in many ways! This is a talk that focuses on analysing and securing games that are deployed on the iOS mobile device platform. Security, you gotta be game!

Esther is an information security consultant with Hivint. Her key skills are security application development and infrastructure/application testing. Her key focus are in technical security is the security surrounding mobile technologies and the associated application deployed on devices such as smart phones and tablets.