Native vs Hybrid: The Never-Ending Battle

Mira Kim, FlexWare LtdPart of DW16

You’ve all heard of cross-platform development. Hybrid apps supposedly combine the best of both worlds, or the worst. Should we use it and what framework do we use? Is it better than native development?

This talk covers the design method of using hybrid apps as a strategy for cross-platform development and shares the experience of developing hybrid apps in comparison to the native development.

Mira is an experienced mobile app developer currently working as a senior software engineer at FlexWare. She develops and maintains Android and iOS apps for a large US based corporate client. In addition, Mira develops web applications and database management systems.

Mira comes from a strong industrial embedded control systems background with a BE(Hons) in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Auckland. She is also involved in teaching coding and electronics to kids as well as being an active member of local maker space.