Prototype and Design App Store ready Apps in Interface Builder

Jake Lin, REA GroupPart of DW16

Out of the box, Xcode’s Interface Builder provides many tools for building the basics, but falls short when it comes to customising your UI elements, animations, and transitions. This talk will cover how to prototype and design customised UI, animations and transitions right in Interface Builder, using a flexible and extendable UI library IBAnimatable without writing a single line of code.

Learn how to use the powerful Swift protocol extensions to bring these customised UI elements and animations to your custom UI library (sorry this bit will involve writing some code ?).

The IBAnimatable project is available on GitHub.

Jake is a Mobile Developer at REA Group and primarily works on the iOS App. He is passionate about bridging the gap between design and development. Jake’s an active open source contributor to some popular projects like SwiftWeather (3.6k+ stars) and IBAnimatable (4.1k+ stars). According to, he is No.1 Swift developer in Australia and No.9 in the world.