Size Classes or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love iOS 9 Split Screen

Tim Oliver, RealmPart of DW16

A sequel to last year’s presentation, we’re continuing to focus on what’s best for our customers, even if that means constant or drastic changes.

Size classes were introduced in UIKit in iOS 8, but their true power wasn’t made apparent until the announcement of iOS 9 with its new application split screen mode on iPad. Unfortunately, the uptake on split screen has been rather slow, and many apps on the App Store still don’t support this cool feature.

This talk introduces size classes and covers how to let iOS applications take advantage of its capabilities. It also covers a discussion on how to port existing applications to size classes, as well as a general app design discussion on how to anticipate sudden size changes.

Tim’s a /dev/world regular and has been attending the conference since 2010. Originally a web developer, he moved to full-time iOS development in 2013. He presently works for a San Francisco company named Realm, remotely out of Perth. He likes iOS programming, video games and karaoke.