Spec-tacular Design

Sebastian Beswick, Domestic Cat SoftwarePart of DW16

If there’s one thing that great iOS developers understand, it’s that apps are more than just a set of functions; people don’t only expect their apps to do what they need them to do, they also expect them to be a joy to use. It’s vital to the success of your project that there’s a clear understanding of how your app should look and feel: people judge apps just as harshly if they provide a poor UI or UX than they do if they are functionally incomplete or buggy. Careful preparation and communication between client, designers, and developers at the start of your project can ensure that you’re in the best position to ship a polished app.

This talk takes an in-depth look at design requirement elicitation by outlining a detailed set of documents and discussion points that will allow you to ensure that everyone is on the same page before development kicks off. It is applicable to developers and designers at every level, and you’re sure to come away with new tools and techniques to increase productivity and decrease stress.

Sebastian graduated from the University of Tasmania with First Class Honours in Computing in 2012, focusing on artistic computing via evolutionary sound synthesis. He has spoken at a number of programming and artistic computing conferences, notably TEDx Hobart and every /dev/world since 2012, and currently lives and works as an iOS Developer at Domestic Cat Software in sunny Abbottsford.