The Long Road To Finishing Short Projects: Producing Yourself

Liam EslerPart of DW16

Let’s not kid ourselves; we’ve all got three or four projects on the go. The question is: how do you take those four unfinished projects and get one out the door? This talk will look at some best practices for ‘getting stuff done’, and discuss topics such as decision paralysis, risk analysis and prevention, scoping, milestones, accountability and motivation.

Liam Esler is a diversity advocate, game developer and event manager from Melbourne, Australia. He works at the Game Developers’ Association of Australia to manage Game Connect Asia Pacific, Australia’s premiere game development conference, is Co-Director of GX Australia, the first queer gaming convention to hit Australian shores, and acts as Co-Director of the IGDA LBGTQI+ Special Interest Group. When he is not running events or encouraging the industry to become more diverse, he is a producer, writer and designer who has worked at companies such as Beamdog, Obsidian Entertainment, Surprise Attack and Australian gaming news outlet and TV show Player Attack.