UI Automation Tests Suck*

Samantha Connelly, Tyro PaymentsPart of DW16

We often have to deal with flakey UI tests that always feel like a drain on rescources.

This talk will cover how to develop a risked based approach to UI tests to help ensure test coverage is just right; not too much but still with adequate coverage.

We will map the flows of a basic banking app against impact vs frequency of use to find the important features. We will then create high level flow tests to cover the high risk areas.

Then I will talk about how this type of testing can help designers answer the question, “what’s the progress of our app in development?” by showing examples of living documentation based on test screenshots.

Sam is a tester on an iOS team at Tyro Payments. Tyro Payments obtained a banking license and secured $100 million dollars in funding in 2015.

Sam has a context driven, explorative and risked based approach to testing. She has presented at Agile Australia, Sydney testers, girl geeks and microservices meetup groups.