How to Make Squanch Happen!

Ben Greiner, Forget ComputersPart of XW17

Ben doesn’t know squanch about anything technical. But he knows what people want — people want squanch to do the squanch it promises to do. Ben works very hard to provide people with working squanch. When squanch doesn’t work, Ben gets involved and finds a way to make squanch happen. You may have guessed that Ben’s biggest challenge is not making tech-squanch happen, it’s communicating the tech-squanch to people who don’t read squanch! In this session, you’ll learn how to engage people to get involved and make your squanch happen.

The intended audience is forward-thinking IT Admins who realize they need to evolve from desk jockeys to leaders in communication. Otherwise, they risk being replaced by robots or eaten by zombies.

Ben Greiner, President of Forget Computers, is insanely focused on elevating the power of teams using Apple technology, and has been since 1998. At Forget Computers, Ben leads a team of Apple experts on a mission to transform IT delivery worldwide, using the most intelligent tools, clear communication, compelling thought leadership and a positively fun attitude!

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