Managing Macs with Munki and Friends

Jon Rhoades, St. Vincent’s InstitutePart of XW17

This workshops covers the complete open source Mac management lifecycle:

  • Deployment
  • Enrolment (manual & DEP)
  • Application & patch management
  • OS Updates
  • Application whitelisting
  • OS MDM
  • Reporting & Inventory management

Technologies used include Munki, Munkireport. AutoPkg, AutoPkg(r), Santa, and MicroMDM.

**Content may change depending on what Apple announces at WWDC!**

What to Bring

Please bring your Mac laptop with VMware Fusion installed, we’ll provide a download link for the workshop VM nearer the time. If you don’t have Fusion, VMware have a 30 day trial on their website or if you like to live dangerously, it may be possible to convert the VM to run on VirtualBox or Parallels. Additionally if you don’t want to run the Munki client on your Mac, feel free to to setup your own macOS VM to run it in – this is not a requirement as we will remove Munki at the end.

Jon is currently the IT Manager at St Vincent’s Institute – a medical research institute in Melbourne affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

Jon started his Mac career making truly horrific videos of surgical operations and after realising he was never going to get a job in Hollywood with his showreel of videos of people’s bowels being cut out, he moved to administering Macs instead. Jon & SVI have been running Munki at SVI since 2010 and legend has it that SVI was the first Munki site in Australia.*

*Probably not true.

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