Munki Hacking for Fun and Profit

Bart Reardon, CSIROPart of XW17

Taking advantage of the client customisations in Munki, we can modify the interface and functionality without modifying the underlying codebase by inspecting the HTML Munki generates and changing document objects on the fly.

For the example use case I will go in to how we can change the button to on a per app basis for self service license cost recovery, intercepting the Munki install process to process payment and enabling app installation. It will also include a simple server side design for an application purchase register to record purchases.

I will also go into reasons why you might want to do something like this, and if time allows I will also touch on examples of other modifications that can be made.

Bart has worked for CSIRO IT for 15 years in Canberra.

For the last 6 years he has worked for the desktop infrastructure team that looks after the Windows, Linux and Mac SOE’s. His responsibilities have included the Linux and Mac SOE, servicing ~1200 clients and almost 700 macOS workstations. He has contributed to the Munki codebase (install and uninstall alerts and the current managed software centre icon).

He implemented country wide, single queue printing and for the last two years has looked after CSIRO’s software agreements and purchasing on a temporary basis.

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