Simplifying L1 Tasks to Reduce Escalations

Stuart Lamont, Ivanhoe Grammar SchoolPart of XW17

Do you find yourself torn away from your desk to solve Helpdesk problems? Looking for ways to free up your time at the office to focus on the big-picture?

Sometimes, to make our own job easier, we need to make someone else’s job easier.

By leveraging the power of scripting, previously complex, time-consuming or repetitive tasks can be reduced to just a few clicks and keystrokes.

In this session, Stuart Lamont from Ivanhoe Grammar School will pull apart 5 of the tools the school has used to streamline Level 1 Helpdesk tasks so they (almost) never need to be escalated.

Stuart is the Apple Infrastructure Administrator at Ivanhoe Grammar School. With Several years experience in Apple Break/Fix on top of ACTC and JAMF Certifications, Stuart has both Hardware and Admin experience working with Apple Products in Education and Corporate environments over the past 7 years.

Over the past 3 years Stuart has changed the face of macOS Deployment at Ivanhoe Grammar School. An Active member of the Melbourne Apple Admins Community, Stuart has a keen interest in automating and simplifying Helpdesk tasks

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