sudo jamf arrrrr: An Update on Jamf Patch Management

Erin Miska, JAMF Software Part of XW17

Erin MiskaThe Patch Team LogoHear what our patch management team has been up to since JNUC 2016, what patch features are coming in Jamf Pro 10.0.0, and what’s going on in the Product Owner’s brain. (And if you’re confused by the session title, learn what “sudo jamf arrrrr” means.)


Erin started using the Casper Suite at age 16 as a student tech. (Yes, it used to be called “Casper Suite”.) She has worked for Jamf since version 7.3, when iOS support was first added to the product. She’s currently working with a team of engineers to make patching easier for Jamf customers.

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