Trigger – A JSS Splash Screen Utility

Tania DastresPart of XW17

Trigger is a free utility that presents a webView while simultaneously executing a JSS command. Leveraging basic HTML code and bash, it is a highly customisable and interactive way to create a splash screen for your setup workflow.

This presentation will demonstrate how to use Trigger, how it is being used at RMIT and at SEEK, and how it compares to other similar utilities out there.

Tania Dastres has worked in IT for more than 11 years, all of which have been in Apple support. She started providing Tier 1 AppleCare Support for Apple, worked as an Apple Technician at RMIT for 9 years, and now works at SEEK, as an Apple System Administrator. She was the technical lead for the RMIT MacWorks Project, with the task of designing and implementing a MOE, on 1,200 predominantly unmanaged staff Macs.

She is a wannabe programmer, and will search for any excuse to use Swift at work. In her spare time, she is working on an iOS app that helps techs carry out small talk at tech conferences. She hopes to complete it by June 28th.

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