Accessibility: Why Are We Still Talking About This?

Sebastian BeswickPart of DW17

As developers who build apps that will potentially be used by millions of people, it’s crucial that we ensure that our apps are usable by people with physical impairments. This talk looks at why it’s so important to build accessible apps, how we can do so, and the impact this has on our users.

We’ll look at the accessibility accommodations that iOS provides to the user; such as voice over, guided access, and display customisation. We’ll go into detail on the use of the iOS Accessibility APIs and developer tools used to build accessible apps, and how we can evaluate the accessibility of our apps.

This talk is applicable to developers of all levels, and you’re sure to come away with an increased understand of how and why it’s so important to build accessible apps.

Sebastian graduated from the University of Tasmania with First Class Honours in Computing in 2012, focusing on artistic computing via evolutionary sound synthesis. He has spoken at a number of programming and artistic computing conferences, notably TEDx Hobart and every /dev/world since 2012, and currently lives and works as an iOS Developer in Melbourne.