The World Beyond the Phone: Exploring ARKit

Patrick Murray, UTSPart of DW17

Augmented reality has threatened to be the future of computer interaction for many years now. A once sci-fi concept, AR can now change the way we work and interact everyday. But how? In this talk we’ll explore how Augmented Reality has evolved and how ARKit is putting the tools and technology in the hands of mobile developers. We’ll examine why ARKit is better than many of its competitors, and dig into the main capabilities and components of the framework, leaving you equipped to bring AR to your app development.

After he started hacking together iOS apps at age fifteen, Patrick has gone on to be a two time WWDC Scholarship recipient. A student at the University of Technology Sydney, he also lives on the cutting edge of technology as part of the Innovation Lab at The Star Entertainment Group. Patrick is a prize winning hacker, challenging the best of the best at US collegiate hackathons. While not programming, Patrick can either be seen skiing too fast, trying to vlog, or globetrotting; often all three simultaneously.