I Wish I Knew That

Marc Edwards, BjangoPart of DW17
Russell Ivanovic, Shifty Jelly

Russell and Marc review the multitude of mistakes they’ve made over their careers as independent developers, offering tips to their younger selves. They figure you might get as much out of it as they would have, if they had a time machine. This talk will cover everything from development and design, to why marketing and business aren’t dirty words.

Marc is the founder and designer at Bjango, makers of iStat Menus, Skala and other great Mac, iPad and iPhone apps. Marc also frequently writes design articles on Bjango’s website and has written for Smashing Magazine, including a chapter in Smashing Book 3. He used to co-host Iterate, the mobile design podcast and occasionally talks at conferences (like this one!).

Russell co-founded Shifty Jelly 9 years ago from his couch, which just goes to show that while he has no class at least he does have almost 10 years of fake street cred. He’s worked on things like Pocket Casts, which sites like The Verge say is the best podcast app around. Russell also co-hosts the Material podcast on Relay FM.