Dreaming of a Tech-Free Deployment Workflow

Tania Dastres, Seek Ltd Part of XW18

Apple’s DEP has allowed us to envision a tech-free deployment workflow. It has enabled us to dream of fast Apple to end user roll-outs, customers revelling in the delight of unboxing a new Mac, and Macs configured in a consistent and timely manner regardless of where our end-users are located or what our tech team availability is like.

This presentation will take you through the considerations and challenges encountered on the journey to ultimate Apple Admin utopia.

Tania Dastres has worked in IT for more than 12 years, all of which have been in Apple support. She started providing Tier 1 AppleCare Support for Apple, worked as an Apple Technician at RMIT for 9 years, and now works at SEEK, as an Apple System Administrator.

She is a wannabe programmer, and will search for any excuse to use Swift at work.