Quit Your Job – Learning from New Environments

Peter Wells, Swinburne University Part of XW18

We all know how much we learn from this community, but the best way to learn is to go somewhere new, see what works that you never thought of, what is missing that you used to rely on. What I’ve learnt moving form universities, and why everyone here should quit their job.

Peter Wells is Mac Sys Admin and technology commentator, currently working with Swinburne University, and writing for The Age and  Sydney Morning Herald. He was the former weekend host for  The Daily Tech News Show, and the Reckoner Australia podcast, and was previously the front page editor for MacTalk, Australia’s largest Apple Community.

This is Peter’s third time speaking at X World. He has previously spoken at its sister AUC conferences /dev/world and CreateWorld, as well as South By Southwest, Ad:Tech, Swipe Conference, and was MC at One More Thing.