Profile Manager and Networking Security

Joseph Bazzano, I.T Wiz Australia Part of XW18

In complex school networks apple devices have led to many challengers especially with apple traffic. Pushing out applications to 500 iPads throughout the day even with Apple Cache enabled has many times caused high congestion on our main internet connection. My solution was to use a network security device such as the Endian Firewall to route Apple traffic through an alternative internet link to ease congestion.

  • Apple Configurator 2
  • Installation and basic configuring of Apple Server
  • Profile Manager installation and configuration
  • Basic Device Enrolment and new features
  • Allowing Apple traffic through the Endian Firewall and web filter
  • Apple internet traffic routing using the Endian Firewall
  • Analysing apple traffic on the Endian

In preparation for this workshop, delegates should bring a laptop (8G RAM, i5 CPU Minimum) with OSX High Sierra in a virtual machine or as a host with OSX Server downloaded but not installed or configured, a portable hard disk, and one or two test devices to enrol.

Joe has worked as an I.T professional for over 10 years in both business and educational environments. He has a solid background in both Windows and Apple server environments and has worked in many Magic Triangle environments over the years. Joe has a passion with regards to Apple server technology and network security.