How To Make It Look Like You Know What You Are Doing

Nic Wittison, Canva Part of DW18

Have you ever been asked to work on something that seemed technically impossible? Have you ever been asked to complete something in half the time you think it’s going to take? It’s been a wild ride for me working at Canva for the last 4 years, lots of code, lots of features and lots of fun. If I have learned anything it’s that your ability ship things on time comes down to how you can work smarter, not harder. So that you don’t have to learn things the hard way I’ve compiled a list of UX/UI tips and tricks I use to save precious development time and make sure we are delivering the best experience to our users. This talk will cover a variety of practical iOS UX and UI performance tips as well as discuss ways to make sure you make the right tradeoffs for the things you are working on.