DIY PCB – Designing & Manufacturing Your Own Printed Circuit Boards

Matt Gray, VixVerify Part of CW18

This workshop is an introduction to designing your own printed circuit boards (PCBs), and getting them manufactured.

If you are using Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other electronics in your creative or educational projects, this workshop will give you a basic understanding of what is involved in producing customised, high quality circuit boards.

We will spend time comparing some PCB design software, learn some basics using AutoDesk Eagle, and look at manufacturing options – which are probably much cheaper than you would think. (Download the free version of this software here.)

Attendees can bring their own laptop to work on, or use the machines in the lab. Some basic electronics knowledge would be an advantage.

Matt works part-time as a programmer in Canberra, pumping out iOS, Android and Java code. He spends the rest of his time tinkering with circuits, growing vegetables, and relaxing with a good book or game.