Mobile Technologies Supporting Creativity: Design Principles for On-Demand Technology Education

Brett Voss, Griffith University Part of CW18

Creativity in a modern sense requires engagement with the use of technologies. Often using these technologies requires learning techniques throughout the creative process. This is particularly the case in the area of music production, where learning and creating are intertwined. Mobile technologies that support the creative process have a part to play through providing on-demand learning opportunities. Designing learning environments to facilitate this process effectively, requires thoughtful consideration. This presentation will offer an insight into the design principles relevant to on-demand mobile learning in the creative arts. It will present a case study of how mobile technologies were used to support students learning skills in popular music production.

Brett Voss is recording studio technician for the Queensland Conservatorium’s Gold Coast campus. His doctoral studies investigated on-demand mobile learning support for students developing their skills in popular music production. Brett’s background is in the performing arts having worked in the performance and production areas of the creative industries.