Integrating Consumer Friendly Microtransactions Encouraged Through Gameplay that Promotes Product Advocacy

Travis New, Justin Carter and Ross McLennan Part of CW18

The Implementation of microtransactions within console game products has become increasingly more prevalent. The development of new strategies for increasing game revenue whilst maintaining positive gaming experiences has become increasingly important to developers and publishers of games.

To date, the implementation of microtransactions in game development has predominately been applied within the mobile gaming market. In recent years an increasing number of console game developers with significantly higher development budgets have attempted to implement these existing strategies with varying levels of success.

An important consideration in the application of microtransaction strategies is consumer advocacy. Through reviews, forums and online gaming communities, there is a rise in levels of consumer advocacy in the games industry. This notion of advocacy can have a significant effect on the acceptance of microtransaction strategies within game development and therefore becomes a key consideration for developers and publishers.

This paper presents the findings of an investigation into contemporary micro transaction strategies within the console game industry. Beginning with an exploration of existing micro transaction strategies the study illuminates the transaction experience through the lens of the consumer specifically focusing on the effects these strategies have on advocacy. Finally, the study provides key insights into the implementation of microtransactions for developers and publishers of video games.