/jamf: A Jamf Slackbot to Simplify Lookups and Troubleshooting

Tania Dastres Part of XW19

For the average support tech that hasn’t had the chance to enrol in a Jamf 100/200 course, using the Jamf Pro console to troubleshoot a Mac issue can be an overwhelming experience. The Jamf API allows Mac Admins to pick and choose what attributes they want their level 1 and 2 techs to consider first, and the Slack API provides an easy-to-use way to obtain and present this information.

In this presentation, Tania will discuss her journey in building a Jamf Pro Slackbot for her macOS support team, using the Jamf Classic API, AWS Lambda, and lots of Python.

Tania Dastres has worked in IT for more than 12 years, all of which have been in Apple support. She started providing Tier 1 AppleCare Support for Apple, worked as an Apple Technician at RMIT for 9 years, and now works at SEEK, as an Apple System Administrator.

She is a wannabe programmer, and will search for any excuse to use Swift at work.