Jamf Pro Roadmap*

Mike Paul, Jamf Part of XW19

Mike Paul and Koala*Not a literal map though, that would be weird for a client management software company to present that.

A session full of fun and surprises going over where Jamf has gone this year and where we plan to in the future. Hint: we’re not getting into map making.

Mike was a Mac and Windows admin in higher education for 7 years prior to joining Jamf as a Support Specialist in 2011.

He then went on to join the Education Services team where he wrote and delivered the CCA, CJA and CCE courses for multiple years. In 2013 he was tasked with being part of the small team responsible for opening the first European Jamf office in Amsterdam. While in EMIEA he played the roles of Education Services Engineer, Pro Services Engineer, the escalation for support and an occasional Pre-Sales Engineer.

This is the second time Mike has presented at X World with the first time being back in 2014 when he came to Australia to help train the newly opened Jamf office. He is currently a Technical Product Manager for Jamf Pro. In his free time, he is also part of two pinball leagues.