macSAK 2019

Nindi Gill Part of XW19

Nindi GillFor the Mac SysAdmins out there spending most of their day in Scripts, Shells and Sudo, this session is for you!

macSAK (Swiss Army Knife) is a collection of Mac tools, tips and tricks I have discovered along the way, helping me streamline my daily tasks and get the most out of my work-day.

This session will be showcasing my top 10 macSAK picks for the year, in rapid-fire succession – tune in to find out how the macSAK can help you!

Nindi Gill is the Senior Engineer for the Apple and Linux Endpoints team at The University of Melbourne. With over 10 years of Mac Sysadmin experience, he has a passion for solving complex technical challenges, striving to make the impossible, possible.

Nindi keeps his scripting skills sharp by composing Jamf Pro scripts in Python and AppleScript, building automation workflows in Bash, and refining his dashboards/alert systems in Ruby. No matter the language, Nindi is up for the challenge.

With a background in Swift development, Nindi’s hobbies include creating open source Swift Apps, hoping to give back to the Mac Admin community that has helped him throughout his journey.

A self-proclaimed Nintendo Fanboy, Nindi enjoys spending what little free time he has helping Samus Aran defend the Galactic Federation from the likes of Ridley, Kraid and the merciless, Mother Brain.