Announcing our /dev/world and X World Keynotes for 2024

Adam ShawLong-time /dev/world attendees are sure to know the first of our keynote speakers – Adam Shaw. Adam has presented at /dev/world numerous times in the past – most recently in 2017 at the tenth anniversary /dev/world event. We’re thrilled to bring him back to Australia as a keynote speaker this year.

Adam has been developing iOS apps since the dawn of time (aka 2008). An Apple nerd through and through, he loves sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for app development with others. He currently works at Bonobo Labs, developer of the Apple Design Award winning app Flow. In his spare time he makes music, plays video games, and (surprise!) develops even more apps.

Joel Rennich

Our other keynote speaker is very well known in the MacAdmin community, and we’re very happy to welcome back Joel Rennich to X World. He’s presented at both /dev/world and X World in the past.

Joel is the Vice President of Product Strategy at JumpCloud residing in the greater Minneapolis, MN area. He focuses primarily on the intersection of identity, users and the devices that they use. While Joel has spent most of his professional career focused on Apple products, at JumpCloud he works with a team focused on bolding going where no devs have gone before across all platforms. Prior to JumpCloud Joel was a director at Jamf helping to make Jamf Connect and other authentication products.

In 2018 Jamf acquired Joel’s startup, Orchard & Grove, which is where Joel developed the widely-used open source software NoMAD. Installed on over one million Macs across the globe, NoMAD allows macOS users to get all the benefits of Active Directory without having to be bound to them. Joel also developed other open source software at Orchard & Grove such as DEPNotify and NoMAD Login.

Over the years Joel has been a frequent speaker at a number of conferences including WWDC, MacSysAdmin, MacADUK, Penn State MacAdmins Conference, Objective by the Sea, FIDO Authenticate and others in addition to user groups everywhere.

Joel spent over a decade working at Apple in Enterprise Sales and started the website which was the mainstay of Apple system administrator education during the early years of macOS X.

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