How to Succeed as a Red Shirt Without Even Dying

Louis CremenPart of DW17

User Experience and seamless interfaces is so 2007 to 2016. Security is the new sexy. It is so broad and so deep, not even Chuck Norris can cover every topic, and it can’t be fixed with a giant wall. Thankfully, we only have to look at mobile applications, which may seem simple from a security perspective, until your app touches an API – then you’re an extension of a web application and “Underprotected API” is now an OWASP top 10 Web Application Risk and you’re subject to all the top 10 Mobile Application Risk list! Mamamia! 😱

Join Louis in an exciting journey of security, vulnerabilities and mayhem full of 😂 and 🤦🏻‍♂️. Easy to follow, you don’t need to know anything about security to get a lot out of this talk, and you’ll get even more out of it if you do. Learn to talk the talk, walk the walk, gain access to valuable resources and automated tools and live what Louis does for a living: Making Apps Safe Again.

This will be Louis’ (@proxyblue) tenth appearance at /dev/world, and he has been an iOS dev since beta release Day 1. He’s been involved in many mobile projects for Government, Financial and other sectors and has helped code apps that have reached #1 free on the Australian iOS App store. He’s been an iOS dev trainer for AUC, Dimension Data Learning Solutions and more recently he was a lecturer at the University of Wollongong for Mobile Applications.

He is presently an Innovation and Security Engineer at the Centre of Digital Innovation for the UAE Federal Government, a Certified Ethical Hacking trainer for DDLS, the Chief Binary Wrangler for Key Options and is the Chair of Learning Materials for the Credentialed Mobile Device Security Professional (CMDSP) certification. He loves squash, twitter, emoji 😊 and smart people.

Making Your Mark in the iOS/Mac Open Source Community

Tim Oliver, RealmPart of DW17

A wise engineer once said ‘When it comes to software, always strive to give more than you take’. Making great software usually requires a LOT of code, and the less re-invention of the wheel we need to do, the faster we can ship amazing apps. The open source community around all Apple’s platforms is vast and vibrant, with many famous libraries becoming the goto standards when creating an app.

This presentation is for anyone who is interested in releasing their own open source library for any Apple platform. It discusses how to set up a codebase out in the open, and what most developers will expect in a well-supported library. It will cover publishing a library in the open, ensuring proper release versions, supporting all of the major dependence managers, as well as how to effectively handle user support.

Tim has been an avid enthusiast for developing mobile software since the launch of the iPhone 3G in 2008, entering the industry full-time in 2013. He’s helped ship iOS software for companies in Australia, Japan and the U.S.A, and currently works for a mobile software startup named Realm in San Francisco. Some people like to call him Tom.

iOS App Checkup With the Doctors from Eat More Pixels

Zac Fitz-Walter & Jimmy Ti, Eat More PixelsPart of DW17

Working on an app and need help with UX or code? Bring your app to the doctors from Eat More Pixels for one-on-one feedback. This hands-on lab provides delegates with the opportunity to make a 20-minute appointment with Eat More Pixels to get feedback on their app design and code.

Eat More Pixels is not your everyday app development company. We’re a unique and playful team with a background in research, teaching and game design. We’re based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Dr Jimmy Ti is a technical wizard and experienced developer. He has completed a phd that focused on designing mobile social services for public transport and he has a love for games and good user experience.

With a phd in gamification and user experience design, Dr Zac Fitz-Walter focuses primarily on reducing friction through good usability and motivating users with playful and engaging experiences.

What The Hell, What Do You Mean I Have A Personal Brand?!

Liam Esler, Game Developers’ Association of AustraliaPart of DW17

If you have an online presence, you have a brand.

Take a deep breath. It’s okay. Swallow that instinctive rise of bile, and junk your pre-conceptions. We’re here to talk about what it means to have a presence online, how people perceive you, and how you can be both more authentic AND become far more successful at engaging an audience on the internet.

Learning to be aware of how you are perceived online and building a specific brand based on your passions helps differentiate you in the job or freelance marketplace, helps people to understand who you are and what you do, and can even help you make better friends.

This talk will investigate what the word ‘brand’ means when not applied to a product or company, what it means for our web presence and social media, and how we can be more conscious and intentional in our day-to-day experience of the web.

Liam Esler is a diversity advocate, game developer and event manager from Melbourne, Australia with a passion for people. He works with the Game Developers’ Association of Australia to manage Game Connect Asia Pacific, Australia’s premiere game development conference, and is the co-founder of GX Australia, the first inclusivity-focused geek and gaming convention to hit the Southern Hemisphere. He is a games producer and writer who has worked at companies such as Beamdog, Obsidian Entertainment, Surprise Attack and Australian gaming news outlet and TV show Player Attack. Liam was honoured to be acknowledged as one of MCV Pacific’s 30 Under 30 in Australia and New Zealand in 2015 and 2016, as well as Develop Online’s 30 Under 30 worldwide in 2016.

Oops, I Cracked it again!

Esther, Deloitte AustraliaPart of DW17

Looking to geo-spoof your location for that rare Pokemon? In my talk, I want to show you how you can upload a cracked iOS application on a non-jailbroken phone but also demonstrate the security vulnerabilities of uploading a cracked iOS application on a non-jailbroken phone. While this technique will not work on iOS applications downloaded from the app store and is FairPlay encrypted, there are multiple ways to bypass this security control that has been put in place and to upload a cracked iOS application.

Esther is a Melbourne-based security analyst with Deloitte Australia. Her key skills are security application development and infrastructure/application penetration testing. Her primary focus is in technical security particularly in security surrounding mobile technologies and the associated applications deployed on devices such as smart phones and tablets. Esther has given talks at conferences and is regularly invited to speak on panels, security workshops or guest lectures at universities.

Accessibility: Why Are We Still Talking About This?

Sebastian BeswickPart of DW17

As developers who build apps that will potentially be used by millions of people, it’s crucial that we ensure that our apps are usable by people with physical impairments. This talk looks at why it’s so important to build accessible apps, how we can do so, and the impact this has on our users.

We’ll look at the accessibility accommodations that iOS provides to the user; such as voice over, guided access, and display customisation. We’ll go into detail on the use of the iOS Accessibility APIs and developer tools used to build accessible apps, and how we can evaluate the accessibility of our apps.

This talk is applicable to developers of all levels, and you’re sure to come away with an increased understand of how and why it’s so important to build accessible apps.

Sebastian graduated from the University of Tasmania with First Class Honours in Computing in 2012, focusing on artistic computing via evolutionary sound synthesis. He has spoken at a number of programming and artistic computing conferences, notably TEDx Hobart and every /dev/world since 2012, and currently lives and works as an iOS Developer in Melbourne.

Stack All The Things! A Deep Dive into UIStackView

Adam Shaw, Kabuki VisionPart of DW17

UIStackView is the best new thing to come out of UIKit in a quite a while. It’s an extremely useful and versatile container for view layout, leveraging the power of Auto Layout but with much less complexity. In this talk we make the case for using UIStackView as the basic building block for all your view layouts.

This talk covers how to use UIStackView in both Interface Builder and code, with lots of examples provided. We discuss the advantages of using UIStackView, and show how to use it to make your UI layouts simpler to design and maintain.

Forget about constraints… use UIStackView to stack all the things!

Adam Shaw has been developing iOS apps since the dawn of time (aka 2008). An Apple nerd through and through, he loves sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for iOS app development with others.

Designing Opinionated Apps

Adam Shaw, Kabuki VisionPart of DW17

Great apps are opinionated and have a point of view. This talk covers what it means to design an “opinionated” app, and how embracing a strong vision during design and development can help create apps that truly resonate with users. During the talk Adam shares stories of how he accidentally stumbled into opinionated design with his own apps, and we take a look at other successful apps that have been designed with a strong point of view.

Adam Shaw has been developing iOS apps since the dawn of time (aka 2008). An Apple nerd through and through, he loves sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for iOS app development with others.

Accelerating Your Development Workflow with React Native

Tyrone Trevorrow and Tim Sawtell, SportsbetPart of DW17

Think React Native is just a cost cutting tool to deliver mediocre cross platform apps? Think the performance of your app would suffer? Think again! This talk makes a case for using React Native in your existing and future apps, even IF all you do is native iOS development, exclusively. Prior experience with React, JavaScript, or web stuff in general is not necessary, just an open mind, and a willingness to have your fundamental assumptions, and prejudices, challenged!

Tyrone has worked at Sportsbet for five years, working on its native iOS product all the way from git init, all the way to its latest update. He has almost ten years experience working with Apple platforms, getting a start by tutoring Objective-C at university, and eventually graduating into iOS development in industry just as the iPhone SDK came out.

Tim is a mobile application developer with a background in iOS. For his day job he’s an Engineering Lead at Sportsbet where he supports and guides iOS developers to build exciting solutions to add to Sportsbet’s growing set of products and features in their native iOS app. Exploring the future state for Sportsbet’s front-ends, Tim is part of a team busily working on React and React-Native.

When he’s not busy at work he’s a doting father to two young boys and can also be found on any reputable PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS server, looting drop crates and planning the squad’s next manoeuvre with his mates on Discord.

No Excuses: Continuous Integration in 25 minutes

Patrick Quinn-Graham, TokBoxPart of DW17

This talk will have you walking away knowing how to turn on continuous integration so your products work. We’ll use at least one cloud service, and one self-hosted service.

Patrick is a Staff Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in coming up with excuses on why automated testing is too hard, and then convincing people to do it anyway.