/jamf: A Jamf Slackbot to Simplify Lookups and Troubleshooting

Tania Dastres Part of XW19

For the average support tech that hasn’t had the chance to enrol in a Jamf 100/200 course, using the Jamf Pro console to troubleshoot a Mac issue can be an overwhelming experience. The Jamf API allows Mac Admins to pick and choose what attributes they want their level 1 and 2 techs to consider first, and the Slack API provides an easy-to-use way to obtain and present this information.

In this presentation, Tania will discuss her journey in building a Jamf Pro Slackbot for her macOS support team, using the Jamf Classic API, AWS Lambda, and lots of Python.

Tania Dastres has worked in IT for more than 12 years, all of which have been in Apple support. She started providing Tier 1 AppleCare Support for Apple, worked as an Apple Technician at RMIT for 9 years, and now works at SEEK, as an Apple System Administrator.

She is a wannabe programmer, and will search for any excuse to use Swift at work.

The Dangers of Over Servicing

Peter Wells Part of XW19

Peter WellsWe’ve all experienced terrible customer service, and hopefully we’re all trying to provide a great experience for our customers. But sometimes we can go too far – and by over servicing, we create needy customers with unrealistic expectations. And it’s a nightmare trying to reset those expectations.

I’m a technology commentator, currently working with Swinburne University, and writing for the Sydney Morning Herald. I also appear regularly on The Daily Tech News Show, and host the Reckoner Australia podcast. I was previously front page editor for MacTalk, Australia’s largest Apple Community with over 500,000 page views per month.

I’m an Apple Certified Technical Co-ordinator and Trainer with many years experience building, supporting, and deploying desktop images to Apple computers in many environments. I complement my technical knowledge with excellent interpersonal skills thanks to many years of working in customer service roles.

In creative roles I’ve previously worked as an editor for The 2006 Commonwealth Games, taught Video Editing with Final Cut Pro at The Victorian College of The Arts and worked as a freelance Videographer and Editor for clients such as MTV Australia. My technical roles have seen me set up and administer software for small businesses, help companies switch to a Mac and iPhone environment and move to web-based services such as Google Apps.

Personally, I helped launch the MacTalk Australia podcast, Australia’s number one technology podcast. I’ve interviewed Tech Luminaries such as John Gruber, Merlin Mann, Tom Merritt, Marco Arment, Molly Wood and Leo Laporte.

I’ve spoken at conferences as diverse as Ad:Tech Sydney to SxSW in Austin Texas, /dev/world and X World and Swipe. I MC’d the One More Thing iOS developer conference for three years.

Certificates: The C Word

Daniel MacLaughlin, Jamf Part of XW19

Daniel MacLaughlinIn this workshop we will build a certificate server and using a virtual environment we will go through configuring and troubleshooting certificates and how they can be used to connect to something like an 802.1x wireless network.

Intended audience is anyone who wants to understand certificates more.

To participate in this workshop, you’ll need a Mac laptop running a recent version of macOS, a virtualisation platform (VMWare Fusion suggested, but VirtualBox or Parallels should be OK), 8G RAM minimum (16G recommended), and 60G spare space on your hard drive.

Daniel is an Implementation Engineer with Jamf which has him assisting customers that need that extra bit of work to fit their workflow. Formerly a Professional Services Engineer at Jamf, Daniel has seen and worked with almost every size and type of customer there is.

De-mystifying launchd

Bart Reardon Part of XW19

Bart ReardonSince being introduced with Mac OS X Tiger launchd has had its fair share of champions and detractors.

This talk serves to act as both a primer of launchd’s main functions and behaviour as well as go over basic troubleshooting.

We shall also look at alternatives to creating launchd tasks from a system administrators point of view.

Bart has worked for the CSIRO in their IT department for over 17 years and is based in Canberra.

Bart currently works for CSIRO’s desktop infrastructure team and leads development for the Mac and Linux Desktop SOE’s and manages 900 macOS workstations using JAMF, Munki and other open source tools.

He has contributed to Munki and macOSLAPS open source projects.

iOS12 com.apple.vpn.managed – the Missing Manual

Joe Selway Part of XW19

This session is a deep dive into the new com.apple.vpn.managed feature of iOS12 including OnDemand VPN rules. Sources – or lack thereof – documentation, known incorrect documentation and the important bits you need to know to make it work.

A Mac user since 1990 and managing them professionally since 2004, Joe has been at the coalface of Apple device integration for the vast majority of his career. After many years of pre- and post-sales engineering within the Apple Consultants Network, Joe now operates a private consultancy specialising in K-12 environments based in his home town of Adelaide while studying a Master of Cyber Security through Charles Sturt University. In his “day job”, Joe provides technical guidance on the management of mixed ownership fleets exceeding 1k Apple devices, all of the supporting infrastructure and related service delivery.

macSAK 2019

Nindi Gill Part of XW19

Nindi GillFor the Mac SysAdmins out there spending most of their day in Scripts, Shells and Sudo, this session is for you!

macSAK (Swiss Army Knife) is a collection of Mac tools, tips and tricks I have discovered along the way, helping me streamline my daily tasks and get the most out of my work-day.

This session will be showcasing my top 10 macSAK picks for the year, in rapid-fire succession – tune in to find out how the macSAK can help you!

Nindi Gill is the Senior Engineer for the Apple and Linux Endpoints team at The University of Melbourne. With over 10 years of Mac Sysadmin experience, he has a passion for solving complex technical challenges, striving to make the impossible, possible.

Nindi keeps his scripting skills sharp by composing Jamf Pro scripts in Python and AppleScript, building automation workflows in Bash, and refining his dashboards/alert systems in Ruby. No matter the language, Nindi is up for the challenge.

With a background in Swift development, Nindi’s hobbies include creating open source Swift Apps, hoping to give back to the Mac Admin community that has helped him throughout his journey.

A self-proclaimed Nintendo Fanboy, Nindi enjoys spending what little free time he has helping Samus Aran defend the Galactic Federation from the likes of Ridley, Kraid and the merciless, Mother Brain.

Zero Touch Isn’t Just for Users

Rowan Quigley Part of XW19

Rowan QuigleyThis session will cover automation methods for administrators to deploy end-point devices in an automated fashion.

It will cover the use of an MDM (Jamf Pro, VMware Workspace ONE, etc), DEPNotify, Snipe-IT and AutoPkg to bring an environment up from scratch or improve an existing environment in the field.

This session will cover those starting out to those you’ve been in the industry for a long time, it has information for all to take from.

Rowan is currently an IT Client Services Officer at St. Vincent’s Institute – a medical research institute in Melbourne affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

Thinking in Automation

Stuart Lamont Part of XW19

This session will introduce participants to process automation and simplification. While I won’t be going into code and detail, I will be talking about the thought process that goes into automating tasks to simplify processes.

Stuart is a Sysadmin with a keen interest in process automation and simplification. He spent many years working for an MSP in Educational institutions, where limited onsite time meant process simplification and automation was key to actually completing works. This is his third year presenting at X World.

Introduction to Docker

Stuart Lamont Part of XW19

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, no doubt you’ve heard people talk about Docker, Containers, or MicroServices, but what does that mean?

In this half-day workshop, I will introduce you to Docker and give you some fundamentals on how to get started, and hopefully, some ideas for using MicroServices in your own organisation.

We’ll cover the What, Why, Who and How of Docker, and even demo some more advanced concepts.

This Workshop suits SysAdmins who are curious about Docker and Microservices, but have been too afraid to ask.

Participants should install the Community Edition of Docker Desktop prior to attending the Workshop, available at https://www.docker.com/products/docker-desktop. This Workshop will be 96% identical to the Docker workshop run at X World 2018.

Stuart is a Sysadmin with a keen interest in process automation and simplification. He spent many years working for an MSP in Educational institutions, where limited onsite time meant process simplification and automation was key to actually completing works. This is his third year presenting at X World.

Engineering For Administrators

Tony Williams Part of XW19

Good systems administration is not just using an MDM and good engineering using software built by many hands and easily available can provide many tools to make life easier.

In this talk I will look at how I built tools for backup, version control and improved workflows for Jamf Pro.

Tony is currently a systems engineer and responsible for the design, installation and support of a large number of Macs and iPads. With over thirty five years in the industry he has had a myriad of roles including C programmer, Unix system administrator, IT Manager, support specialist and Associate Editor of Australian Macworld.