Creative Coding with Apple Devices

Andrew Clayphan, University of Sydney

Audience: Beginner to Intermediate (C++ knowledge helpful, but not essential)


While the Apple ecosystem brings us a lot, some people ultimately have other backgrounds and are familiar with them.  One that has sparked interest of late is openFrameworks.  This is a C++ toolset for creating rich applications, information visualisations and rapid prototypes. Due to its widespread uptake in the design community (especially amongst people coming from a sandboxed Processing world), a number of bridges have been created for the iPhone, which leverage pre-existing codebases to provide an enormous set of opportunities.

In this talk I take a cursory overview of this framework, what it supports for the iPhone/iPad, and a quick demonstration of how to build an integrated application featuring some of its libraries.  My aim is to enrich the AUC community by bringing together even more developers, programmers and designers who have varied backgrounds to offer.

Speaker Bio:

Andrew is a PhD student and is currently exploring the fascinating world of tabletop computing and how it can be used to enrich small group interactions.  He looks at how people come together for a meeting, long term task, project or goal.  Andrew is currently trying to piece together a framework for understanding past interactions on this medium to help facilitate the capture and movement between states of a task.  His hope for this work is to bring about a unified view towards past interactions such that future designers for this platform are aware of what is required to build robust interactive applications that can take advantage of historical events.  This work is done within the Computer Human Adapted Interaction Research Group, with support from the Smart Services CRC.

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