SNMP Monitoring of Devices using Lithium

Matthew Tilney, Australian National UniversityPart of XW12

Audience: System administrators responsible for monitoring a number of
networked servers or clients. Beginner to moderate knowledge of system

Lithium is a product recently setup at ANU to provide remote monitoring
and reporting information from our Print services. Currently monitored
devices include Windows Servers, Windows XP ‘kiosk’ machines, Konica; Hp
and Lexmark printers, Custom network-serial port devices and Lion servers
associated with out student printing system. However you could use it to
monitor any SNMP (and to lesser extent IP) capable devices on your network
where up-time or responsiveness impacts the running of the service.

This workshop provides a hands-on opportunity to setup and configure
Lithium. It has been designed as a beginners introduction to the software
and how to configure SNMP reporting for network devices like printers,
desktop machines or services on servers. The software provides Email and
iPhone Push Notifications for alerts, visual graphical representation of
past trends and an internal website for clients with non-apple devices for
monitoring. Through the workshop you will be have access to a small
variety of devices to test your skills at finding information to monitor
and then implementing monitoring on the devices.

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