AUC Funding to be Withdrawn

At the May 2012 meeting of the AUC Executive Council, the AUC was informed that it would cease to receive further funding as of September 28, 2012. Funding is used by the AUC to provide programs to our members, such as our Cocoa and iOS training workshops, and our conference programs, including X World, CreateWorld, and /dev/world.

For over 27 years, we’ve provided countless technical staff with resources to assist in the deployment, management and use of Macs and iOS devices on campus. We’ve provided substantial avenues for academic and research staff to explore ideas through grants programs, and share the results of their endeavours at the AUC Academic & Developers Conference, and more recently at CreateWorld.

We’ve provided support for many staff and students to attend WWDC in the USA, and we’ve provided many students with substantial opportunities to learn about MacOS and iOS development through workshops held throughout Australia. It’s a good history and something of which we’re immensely, and justifiably, proud.

AUC Chair Tony Gray confirmed to AUC Delegates and AUCDF Coordinators on Friday, May 27 that it was the AUC Executive’s intention that programs already announced for 2012 would continue as planned. This included the already announced WWDC scholarship program, iOS workshops, X World, /dev/world, and this year’s issues of Wheels for the Mind.

Members of the Executive have developed an Options Paper for consideration by the members that details how the AUC must be wound up in accordance with its operating policies, and how the consortium’s assets might best be used in the future. Members will be asked to consider the various options, and discussion about them will take place leading up to the Annual General Meeting scheduled for September 28, 2012, where members will be asked to vote on how best to proceed.

The AUC Executive Council will continue to notify your local AUC Delegate and AUCDF Coordinator to changes as and when they occur. We will also update the AUC website with more information when available.