Immaterial material: an exploration of the relationship between physical and virtual during the artists making process

Pritika Lal, Auckland University of Technology Part of CW12

This presentation expands on my current Masters post graduate research and introduces the audience to techniques and approaches in practice-led research.

This practice based research project explores meaning through making during the artists creative process. Through a series of experiments using Mac OSX and Xbox Kinect I explore the relationship between the physical of the artists hands and a virtual material created using depth mapping and projection.
This project draws on theories of the hybrid or cyborg as found in the writing of Donna Haraway, examples of body tracings from Ana Mendieta’s Silueta Series and concepts of cyber bodies initially found in William Gibsons Neuromancer and Verner Vinge’s True Names.

The presentation will include examples of experiments as video documentation, a technical description of digital material i.e Mac OSX, Xbox Kinect, MaxMSP, projection.
A demonstration of the creative outcomes and discuss related concepts and theories and a future use for the research.

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