Sydney Uni App: a case study

Oleksander Motyka, University of Sydney Part of CW12

A case study on the inception, development and promotion of the University of Sydney app. The case study will cover:

  • Understanding our audience and it’s needs
  • Deciding how to implement the app (in house, off the shelf, contractors etc) and what platforms to support (iOS, Android, web)
  • The implementation, it’s hurdles (we had to create many new web services to expose data to the app) and the resources required (over 15 staff work on various aspects)
  • Marketing the app (the University undertook a large campaign) and user adoption
  • Reflection and lessons learnt

I believe that many Universities would be interested in the process my University undertook to deliver a mobile app in particular why we chose the particular path we did.

The presentation will not require any technical knowledge.

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