Taking the “boring” out of history

Tim Nugent & Nic Wittison, University of Tasmania Part of CW12

Last year we developed a prototype app as part of a multidisciplinary project by the Schools of Computing and Information Systems, Engineering and History and Classics to combine spatial and historical data together to better improve historical and physical exploration of the Hunters Wharf area of Hobart. The prototype is an iPad and iPhone app that takes current maps of Hobart and allows users to overlay different historical maps of the same area to compare and contrast with the modern – allowing the historical information normally tied up in books to be available in a more modern and accessible form.

This presentation will cover what the app can currently do, and how it has been used by the different disciplines involved in its creation and how we envisage the app and similar tools being used in the future. This talk will also highlight the unique process undertaken to try and best fit the differing needs of the group when faced with presenting a traditionally hard to understand data source.

This talk will cover aspects of both education, system design and data visualisation.

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