Using 3D Simulation and Game Technology in Education

Richard Stals, Edith Cowan University Part of CW12

In a recent project, I developed a series of prototype 3D Serious Games using the Unity3D game engine.

One of the prototypes sparked a great deal of interest from both academics as well as students and has been further developed into a pre-release version of the game.
The game/simulation is a real-world disaster scenario that is designed to train Paramedic students in Mass Casualty Incident Triage.

Initially it was developed as a SCORM compliant module that can be loaded into the school’s Learning Management System like Moodle or Blackboard. In order to explore the utility of the game further, I have developed a version for the iPad.

In this session you will learn how you can begin your creative journey into 3D serious games using a combination of free and low cost tools and resources.

  8.6 MB

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