Advanced Xcode: Configurations, Targets, and Schemes

Ashton Williams, OdeceePart of DW16

This talk explores best practises for structuring Xcode projects, using Xcode’s build tools, and techniques for building an app for different purposes; all while keeping a neat and maintainable project structure. Topics include: Configurations, Targets, Schemes, Defaults, Resources, Frameworks, and Build Infrastructure.

Covers the best techniques to conditionally include resources in your app depending on the build configuration. Injecting code into your app to support UI Testing and debugging. Setting up your environment to load up your app with predefined settings and data easily.

Ashton is a Senior Mobile Engineer at Odecee in Melbourne. An expert in iOS build tools, dependency management, writing frameworks, and accessibility. Contributor to open source projects such as CocoaPods and Fastlane.